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Child Custody
As if divorce weren't distressing enough, when it involves the future of your children it can become even more charged with anxiety and stress. Often times parents lose sight of what is in the best interests of their children due to the intense pressure they are under during the divorce. While the majority of parents would never do anything to cause their children harm, they may inadvertently put them in the position of being pawns in the divorce and custody battle.

  Child custody issues can become intense, requiring knowledgeable child custody advice. Along with the emotions which are running high, there can be many legal complexities involved in reaching a fair child custody agreement. Because of this, it is especially important that you have highly experienced child custody lawyers by your side. When you are seeking reputable child custody legal advice look no further than Fabrizio Law Offices.

  In the time between the decision to file for divorce and the final divorce decree, courts will often put a provisional child custody arrangement into place. If the parents are able to reach a mutually acceptable agreement, the court will not generally interfere, however if the parents are in dispute-as they often are-the court will make a ruling which will remain in place until the divorce is final. Even at this early stage, having a skillful and experienced child support attorney in your corner can make all the difference. The Jo. A. Fabrizio has many years of solid experience, which can work to your benefit in getting a child custody arrangement which is best for your children.

Different Types of Custody

  Physical custody designates the parent the children reside with, typically called the custodial parent. The parent may have sole physical custody, meaning the children live with them 100% of the time, while the non-custodial parent has specific visitation rights. The parents may also share physical custody - an arrangement in which the children spend equal or roughly equal amounts of time in the homes of both parents. Legal custody has little to do with physical custody - rather it denotes the authority of one parent to make important decisions on behalf of the children such as health and medical decisions as well as decisions about education and religion.

  The custody agreement is proposed to enable parents to determine how their children will be looked after on a daily basis. You will want a custody agreement which works for the best interests of your children, and our child custody attorneys will fight hard to ensure you get that. Whether the need is for skillful negotiations or compassionate mediation, Fabrizio Law Offices is well equipped to represent you and your children aggressively while you get your future back on track.

Childrens best interests come first.
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